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i-Accept Cloud

The World’s First Cloud-based Merchant Payment Acceptance Platform

Ready-to-go components to help you develop new payment acceptance and digital commerce platforms.

MagicCube’s API-based Software Platform

New payments solutions in days versus months

Pre-certified secure elements

Our virtual Trusted Execution Environment is the first of its kind, providing next gen mobile security for our i-Accept SoftPOS.

Ready-to-integrate components

Payment acceptance platforms have lots of moving parts and requirements - we've got everything you need to customize yours.

Secure card-reading kernels

Pre-certified kernels are already integrated into our acceptance platform.

Expedite in-house development

Customers can now deploy new solutions to the market in days instead of months, allowing you to respond to the changing needs of consumers and quickly adapt to new payment trends

Focus on growing, we’ll keep evolving.

Commercial, scalable, secure, and compliant support for global large-scale deployments

The flexibility of MagicCube’s API base allows the company to continue to move acceptance logic, as well as the ability to future-proof and add new capabilities, entirely to the cloud. i-Accept Cloud provides the tools necessary for merchants to connect to the major issuing and payment acceptance networks using a software-based, API-driven, frictionless cloud model that is not tied to legacy payment terminal hardware.

i-Accept Cloud provides all the backend support that your team needs.

Free up development time to focus on UI/UX, customer support, and other priorities.

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    Free build and test sandbox environments

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    Respond to the changing needs of consumers and quickly adapt to new payment trends

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The flexibility of MagicCube’s API-based platform allows us to continue to move acceptance logic as well as the ability to add new capabilities and connectivity into the cloud, without involving the devices. A traditionally hardware-based model laden with friction is now moving to a frictionless cloud network model that will support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex, as well as local debit and credit schemes, acquiring banks, processors, PSPs, and integrators. The huge news here is this lays the groundwork for creating a global merchant acceptance platform connecting all the currently siloed parts into a much needed modern, software-based cloud model.


These new advancements will be ready to pilot and deploy as soon as the card networks allow them.